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Who we are

Fix Media specializes in customer acquisition through traditional and non-traditional marketing efforts through a performance-based marketing model.

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Founded in 2008, Fix Media's management team includes top media professionals in digital, radio, television and print media. This experience has fueled Fix Media's rapid growth and helped establish Fix Media as a leader in customer acquisition marketing.

Complementing the strength of the marketing arm is an industry-leading technology team spearheaded by programming and design experts. Together, Fix Media is able to quickly and adeptly move between projects ranging from integrated media planning to robust technological undertakings designed to maximize results for clients.

When clients work with Fix Media they are able to find a team willing and able to meet any challenge. From increasing customer acquisition to maximizing results in a specific region of the country or the world, Fix Media is able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their clients.

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Media Planning

Fix Media has conceptualized and built a robust back-end system that maximizes the ability to leverage key demographic, psychographic and geographic data for our partners. With that information, key strategies, opportunities and tactics can be developed for customer acquisition efforts.

Clients are afforded the advantages of strategic media buys executed on national, regional and hyper-targeted levels to raise brand awareness, promote direct response results and sustain the growth of the product. Additionally, Fix Media is able to utilize real-time reporting data to make informed and strategic decisions at a lightning-fast pace.

Partnering with Fix Media to help grow your business means years of industry knowledge and expertise are applied to your brand to help your company continue to flourish. With a proven track record and innovative design strategy, Fix Media is able to acquire you the customers you need.

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Fix Media has espoused a performance- based marketing model for all of its clients focusing on quality conversions. By using advanced testing techniques, Fix Media has been able to quickly identify successful calls-to-action to drive high-quality customer acquisition.

Furthermore, the Fix Media team has identified strategic opportunities to work with other industry leaders to create breakthrough campaigns and media vehicles to drive successful results. All of this affords clients the growth and retention of their consumer bases.

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As an industry leader in data security, protection and compliance, Fix Media has long been a champion of protecting customers. As a member of the Online Lenders Alliance and the Community Financial Services Association, Fix Media has been instrumental in helping to define the best practices in this space and work to better manage how data is warehoused and saved.

Additionally, Fix Media is constantly working to improve the quality of our products and services and welcome feedback.

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